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On Continuity and Identity


Masters thesis
Promotor: Ignaas Back

Generous architecture encourages people to create new meaning, with a focus on remembering the past and embracing the future. The design studio aims to safeguard and reactivate natural knowledge, or wisdom as a generator of meaning in a globalised, but superdiverse world. Creating physical spaces in remote rural area’s momentarily under stress is our core activity.

Although as architects we are essentially dealing with material culture, we feel the need to activate and invigorate the often intangible and ineffable elements of local traditions, rather than collecting, inventorying and exhibiting buildings, styles and objects in an aim to safeguard the memory of traditional and sustainable ways. We therefore believe that it is precisely the continuity of a living tradition that identifies people and creates a sense of belonging.

We currently work in Nepal (‘post-school’ project), the Democratic Republic of Congo (‘des centres généreux’), Greenland (Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit) and Peru (ecological village in the valley of Pisac).

View the studio presentation as pdf here.


Master studios

Welcome to the exhibition‘Nepal project’ from the Master’s studio Continuity and Identity Saturday 29 June, 11-16 h and Sunday 30 June, 11-16 h. KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent Hoogstraat 51, 9000 Gent, ROOM 123 LECTURE / GUIDED TOUR by Tom Callebaut (KU Leuven & Research group www.wild-studies.org) on Saturday 29 June, 17h30 […]


Master studios

Master studio: 1st semester on crafts, 2nd semester on location, now school building in Nepal. About a hundred years ago, people were able to transport their knowledge, raw materials and also themselves all over the planet. In this process of globalization, the rich West referred the traditional – which by definition is local – to […]