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In Fall 2020, the Flanders Architecture Institute will be exhibiting the work of two young architectural firms with offices in both Belgium and Japan as part of the Back from Japan theme. SUGIBERRY, founded by Mayu Takasugi and Johannes Berry (2016), works out of both Brussels and Tokyo. Schenk Hattori works out of both Antwerp and Kyoto. The firm was founded by Steven Schenk and Daisuke Hattori shortly after graduating from the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

Pavilion in the garden of deSingel

As part of the exhibition, SUGIBERRY and Schenk Hattori have build a pavilion in the garden of deSingel. With this installation the architects created a world where their ideas meet the physical.

Each from their own perspective, Steven Schenk and Johannes Berry talked to Koen Van Synghel about the design of the pavilion, their work and their relationship with Japanese architecture. Watch the interview in the video here.