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Call for text contributions: Lucas Architecturebook #3 – Practices and the Studio


LucAs – Architecturebook #3
Practices and the Studio
call for text contributions by students and teachers of the Faculty of Architecture

LucAs – Architecturebook

LucAs Architecture books is a series of bilingual (nl/en) publications celebrating the architecture project, and more precisely the architecture project of the student. The books consist of a selection of student architecture work extracted from last year’s architecture studios at KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint Lucas Ghent and Brussels.

As in the two first editions, this book is also the opportunity to invite Eugeen Liebaut to confer a specific coloration to the selection. Next to the participation in the selection process, Eugeen will highlight the work of one student. He will also select one particularly inspiring and fertile studio.

More than the projects themselves, the publication positions the image, the plan, the section, the sketch, the scale model or the work document at the center of the attention. An image often reveals more than a long discourse. Based on the selection, the teachers are invited  to contribute with their own work, establishing possible perspectives and resonances between students and teachers.

Practices and the studio – a call for contributions

For LucAs – Architecturebook #3, text contributions will explore the multiple nature of these echoes between the practices of the students and of their teachers. How does one engage the practice in the studio? How does a studio open new horizons in a running practice? How do students and teachers contaminate each other’s work? Who is teacher, who is student? Can the practice be  explicitly  engaged in the studio and can the studio be located in the practice?


The publication will be duly double blind peer reviewed. Next to a general review, you can expect a review structured around the following questions. Does the contribution address the relationships between the work of student in the studio and the practice of the teachers? Does the contribution embed this relationship in a broader framework, or inversely, does it dig into its inner workings? Is the nature of the contribution clear? Does the contribution propose a clear argument or approach? If applicable, are the sources or bibliography correctly referenced? Is the contribution relevant and original? Is the contribution clearly and correctly structured and composed?

After the review,  the selected  contributions  are  finalized for publication.

Deadlines and modalities

The call is open to all students and teachers from the faculty. External architects or academics may be invited by the scientific committee to submit a contribution following the same procedure.

The contributions are in word format, and may not be illustrated. The language is Dutch or English. The contributions contain a maximum of 500 words.

Deadline for Submission: Thursday 30 April

Reviews available: Sunday 17 May
Revised contributions: Sunday 21 June
Publication: December 2020
Submission: by e-mail to Harold Fallon
Please mention in the mail the name and affiliation of the authors (university and practice)

Organizing Committee:
Sophie Laenen, Harold Fallon
Scientific Committee:
The scientific committee is mainly composed of practicing architects engaged in research and/or pedagogy.

Eugeen Liebaut, Sophie Laenen, Wesley Degreef, Nele Stragier, Steven Schenk, Bart Hollanders, Dirk Jaspaert, Harold Fallon