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ACROSS Liège lezing / Perneel Osten Architecten 14/11


Lore Perneel and Carmen Osten have been working together ever since they met during their architectural studies at Sint-Lucas Ghent. Their collaboration is almost self-evident, a tacit bond that unites them. It was therefore no surprise that they established their own practice after working at EVR-Architects and Marie-José Van Hee respectively. The duo officially started in 2011, when the building permit for a villa project was granted to the Leie.

In the subsequent projects, Perneel and Osten always tried to find the right tone. Coherence is the most important aspect: the two architects want to remain absolutely consistent in the projects they develop, because they both draw and build. So they not only want to develop concepts, but actually realize them. They therefore try to master all the different components and stages of a project, from the design of the concept and the drawing to the realization. In this way they give themselves the freedom to evolve and grow slowly. That attitude can be found in their attention to detail, their strict choice of materials and the precise implementation of the projects they realize.

For the time being their portfolio mainly consists of private projects, but Perneel and Osten do not hide their ambition for public contracts on a larger scale. The Steinerschool that they are now building in Ghent is a good example. The project forces them to apply the characteristic principles of their practice and, despite the scale, to stay on track towards an architecture that is coherent and controlled.

Lecture  Perneel Osten
Introduction by Olivier Bastin (l’escaut)

14.11.2019, 19:00
Galerie Opera – Espace ULg, (Place de la république française 41, 4000 Luik).
Free entrance, please register.

Coproduction: A+ Architecture in Belgium, Vlaams Architectuurinstituut, Faculté d’Architecture de l’Université de Liège
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