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Video conferences and remote working sessions / Buenos Aires Unlocked


Master of Architecture
Engagement Urban Culture: Studio maib34 Cecilia Chiappini
Video Conferences and remote working sessions

Buenos Aires Unlocked
Infrastructures and Collectivities as Tools to Design the City

This semester we are looking at the value of infrastructures and collectivities as elements that articulate urban processes at different levels in the city of Buenos Aires. Catalinas Norte II is an undergoing inner-city transformation, the critical operation of shifting land availability for urban uses, triggered by the re-arrangement of the South-North corridor Paseo del Bajo. We are discussing with international experts the processes, tensions and implications to inform our research and design processes. You are welcome to join us.

15/10 – 14-16:30h – Raadzaal
Contemporary Urban Processes in Buenos Aires: Emerging Tensions
Prof. Julio Arroyo (FADU-UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina)

29/10 – 13:30-16:30h – Raadzaal
Buenos Aires New Urban Agenda
Arch. Florencia Lorenzo (Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

20/11 – 13:30-16:30h – Raadzaal
Financial Capitalism and the Production of Cities: International Cases
Prof. Manoel Rodrigues Alves (IAU-USP, Brazil)

KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels,
Paleizenstraat 65, 1030 Brussels
Master of Architecture – Research Group: Urban Projects, Collective Spaces and Local Identities
Please register: Cecilia Chiappini (limited places)