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Architecture(s) of the Urban Commons Master’s Dissertation Projects to take place in The City of Commons exhibition


The projects developed in international master’s dissertation studio of “Envisioning The Architecture(s) of The Urban Commons” will be part of the City of Commons exhibition in Pavia, Italy. Led by Hulya Ertas and Burak Pak, students Francois Maindiaux, Isabelle Tjampens, Julie Charlot, and Yannick Sluyts explored architecture’s capacity for triggering social transformation based on solidarity, shared ownership, sustainable production and consumption, and fair distribution. Their work will be presented under the pedagogy section along with projects from Ecuador, Spain, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Hong Kong, Belgium, India, Italy and UK.

The exhibition will open on Wed 9th October, at 6 pm in Aula del Quattrocento, University of Pavia, Italy. It is also included in the local events list of the World Commons Week 2019.

More information about the City of Commons exhibition: