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Graduated in architecture, Sint-Lucas Brussels Campus


A list of theses of the Master of Architecture, Sint-Lucas Brussels Campus, 2020 can be consulted via Limo. (Note: not all theses are online yet!)

A number of students sent us a link to a video presentation on the Toledo / Kaltura platform or links to a personal page. (in order to view the Kaltura videos optimally, make sure you are logged out of Toledo)

Abdi Anbouhi Amir

Adibmanesh Amir

Afaneh Eman

Armand Armita

Auris Gonzales Alexander Antonio

Balčiūnas Vilius

Caputo Alessandro

Çelikkale Itır

Feng Xueyan

Gruca Marta

Hogoshti Atdhe

Ilie Iulia

Ince Melisa

Jadam Joseph

Koçdemir Cansu

Mansournia Mohammadsajad

Masoumi Mojdeh

Mleczkowska Marta

Moens Marie

Musliu Arbër

Neziraj Behar

Pereira Eliana Luaia Machado Gomes

Reynders Goele
Building your learning. Exploring the pedagogical potential of the architecture of the Open City in Valparaiso
Video presentation

Roznár Rita

Taverna Federico

Thorisaen Sarah

Van Bellingen Leonie

van der Hoeven Adélaïde

Willems Siebrent

Wu Beijiang

Yang Shize

You Xinzhu

Zhang Shu

Zlatkovska Slavica