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A-LIVE「Accelerated – Large Infrastructure Viability Experiments」

Tutors; Bruno Peeters (Design-Studio) & Frank Theyssen (Project-Management)
Engagement: Urban Cultures

Brussels International Airport, Belgium`s second most important economic growth pole, is facing fundamental and complex challenges. A crucial linchpin within Belgium and Flanders overall Mobility-System, A-LIVE investigates the role of Brussels Airport within the larger perspective of consolidating Belgian (sub)urbanity..
Apposing Brussels Airport Company`s `Strategic Vision 2040` scenario and KKAA`s 1998 `Brussels Airport Unlocked` strategic memorandum `A-LIVE` explores alternative Design and Mobility strategies, incorporating long-term environmental constraints and demise of the `frequent-buyer` airport model.
Societal and passengers` demographic change, disruptive technology and increasing public & civic awareness regarding mobility, ecology, security, (…) are just a few factors influencing future airport-design and its wider impact on public transport and mobility.

Image on the left: A-LIVE – Brussels Aerotropolis Unlocked, `2nd run` MaiB 24 – AY 2017-2018 sem. 2

A continued global increase of passenger numbers and air-traffic, technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence, digitalization and (building) automation in combination with Brussels International Airport complex spatial-political context make for a challenging case-study. `A-LIVE` aims to explore and design future scenario`s with the explicit intent to unlock Brussels Airport full potential.
`A-LIVE` is organized as a Design-Lab aiming to generate a coherent output enabling to participate to public discussions in simultaneous dialogue with professional, civic and governmental actors & decision-makers.
Each student is thus expected to pro-actively contribute to the overall progress of the `A-LIVE` design-studio. For the final individual output, each student must address at least two of the following six topics and contribute to `A-LIVE`s collective dissemination, ‘Delivered-As-One’.
1. Aerotropolis, development of alternative spatial logistics, public-transport and urban-design & airport configurations.
2. Research impact & design of innovative seamless mobility pilot-projects.
3. Research & Design alternative commercial airport models.
4. Research & design alternative terminal design.
5. Innovative socio-environmental & mobility solutions.
6. Data acquisition & management and pro-active design-oriented processing of external input.
7. Collective dissemination A-LIVE; → DELIVERY AS ONE for a joint committee of stakeholders.

External Experts & Advisors;
Students are encouraged to pro-actively seek external advice; independent data acquisition management and its incorporation in the design process are an important evaluation criterium.
Various site visits and consultancies will be organized individually, per student-team or collectively, depending on the chosen projects. To this extent, A-LIVE fosters strong links with a wide range of external actors, citizens` platforms, consultants & experts;

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