Mediating tactics

mediatingtactics_text-paragraphs-border2 Critical questioning, Paradigms, Interactions and connections, Collective and dynamic agency, Situated and Situational, Future, Speculation and world-build-ing.

Architecture is situated in a dynamic relational field, and connected with it in a myriad of ways. Its potent complexity, and dependence on an intricate web of ceaselessly changing conditions and expectations, requires that architecture itself, as discipline and practice, is placed under sustained scrutiny. Architecture’s conceptual frameworks, images of thought, and styles of working, must be critically questioned, and accordingly (re-)positioned, (re-)conceptualised, and (re-)contextualised. The subjects addressed range from art to technology; from social and political to philosophical; from appropriation to generosity; from coercion and control to care and attention; from material to theoretical, etc. Emphasis lies on interstitial relational spaces, and generative interactions, emerging from situated and situational practices. Mediating Tactics is an environment in which multiplicity in approach and attitude are valued, and in which they can be activated and cultivated. The diverse collective of participants commit themselves to mediate in this field of tension, deploying strategies to improve architecture’s capacities for shaping the futures of the world(s) we inhabit.


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