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Rather than considering our built and unbuilt environment as composed of isolated (historical) objects, it concerns past, present and future as carrier of (often invisible) relationships that both individuals and communities have with it. Legacies embody the changes in life, successive movements, memories and experiences.

The leading theme of this academic year 2020-2021 is Contested Legacy (last year’s theme was Sustainable Legacy, next themes will be Urban Legacy and Future Legacy)

Our legacy can be contested in many different ways but it always conveys a negative sentiment to some extent. The most comprehensible meaning is in the sense that some buildings, monuments and places sometimes bring us face to face with parts of our history that are painful, or shameful. Over time, they became symbols of injustice for many people. But some of our buildings, monuments and places are contested because they block new development plans, or because they evoke a ‘wrong’ connotation or because they belong to the ‘wrong’ architectural period or simply because they do not longer meet current standards.

We can choose to remove those sites, which have become contested. However, by learning how to observe and experience existing (infra-) structures and cultural landscapes, students come to thought-provoking insights and long-lasting and powerful reinterpretation, adding new layers of meaning, leading to substantial, (socially) sustainable interventions and dialogues. History can be an element of sublimation as an active partner that leads to wondering, excitement and expertise and induces a process of becoming conscious of what a social, cultural and ecological context really is.

The discourse about legacy shall therefore rather be about which changes it can generate rather than merely seeing legacy as subject of change.

Image:Dorsa Ali Zadeh, Master Dissertation Academic Year 2016-2017-The Ghost Client-Tutor: Gisèle Gantois


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