assemblea_final_2009-2019 Detail, Structure, Materiality, Drawing, Fabrication, 1:1, Tactility, PhenomenologyArchitecture resides in the act of making.

The Craftsmanship engagement sees the production of architectural artefacts (i.e. drawings, models, diagrams and simulations) as the driving force of a design process. The architectural practice is in making, producing and finding fulfilment in the act of doing. The Craftsmanship engagement situates itself in the intricate entanglement of research and practice: conceiving through making as well as making through conceiving. It sees both the understanding of the production of architectural artefacts and the architect as a producer, as the driving force of an investigative design process. From this perspective, the craftsmanship engagement addresses a wide spectrum of pertinent and fundamental practice-based themes.

Image: Camera Lucida, Source Unknown


Craftsmanship pool


Craftsmanship master studios