Urban Cultures

 assemblea_final_2009-2019-border2 (Sub)Urbanity, City development, Urban governance, Civil imagination, Mobility, Housing, Public and Common spaces, Territory.

A rapidly changing society, unchartered processes of migration, urbanization and displacement, the impact of fast developing economies as well as the emergence of new forms of production and of a knowledge-based economy are challenging the ways in which we approach the project of the city and of urbanized territories. Traditional urban design methods and architectural strategies often fail to successfully address these and other pressing questions and need to be reinvented, shifting focus towards transformation, reinvention and remedial of what is already there. The Urban Cultures engagement seeks to research, develop and teach innovative and alternative architectural and urban design tools through a creative process that is based on the attentive understanding of a given condition from sociological, historical and economical perspectives.

Image: Jeff Wall, Citizen, 1996


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